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Andre Solomon-Glover’s Story

“He was Joe”

Andre Solomon-Glover, an accomplished classically trained singer, has toured the world in Broadway shows such as Showboat.  Andre has lived on 155th and Broadway for over 20 years, and has raised his family and developed relationships in that community. In 2002 Andre had a brain hemorrhage that severely affected his short-term memory. Due to an unforeseen financial situation, Andre is in jeopardy of losing his home.  It is vitally important that Andre remain in his apartment because it is the area of the city with which he is most familiar, the area he knew how to navigate before his injury.

“If Andre should have to move, he may be at risk of getting lost, or would need to be accompanied by staff, therefore losing a great deal of independence.  Now, for example, he can walk his dogs or do certain errands on his own.  Andre knows and is known in the neighborhood. He has a sense of community and is greeted by many when he walks down the street.  Andre’s situation is caused by no mistakes on his part.  He paid his share of the rent on time and every month.  Due to the limitations of the system, if he should have to relocate, it would be very difficult to find a one bedroom anywhere in the Manhattan area, as the total rent the program will pay is the NYS Fair Market Rate for NYC.  He would likely have to move the Bronx or even Queens, areas with which he is unfamiliar. We have located a new roommate, also part of the program, and the program will subsidize the two men to share his current apt.”

Gabrielle Schapira
Andre’s social worker, New York City Department of Health and Human Services

“I haven’t known Andre for years and years.  I first met him in 2009. Andre sang at a church service that I attended at West-Park Presbyterian Church and the transparency of his voice left me wanting to hear him again and again.  I am a singer and I knew that this man, in spite of his evident memory obstacle, had something to offer me. I began visiting Andre as I could and we would take walks through his neighborhood. Andre told me stories of his years singing professionally while greeting every neighbor on the street.  My favorite story that Andre told me was about how one time he opened his mouth to sing and a fly flew in.  Not wanting to break character, being the professional he is and was, he swallowed that fly.  Through our visits and walks, what Andre taught me about singing is that ‘my voice is a gift to be offered every time I open my mouth to a song.’ Andre’s concert “Bridge to Restoration” is exactly that.  Andre has so much to offer.  Though he cannot retain new material, Andre offers the music that remains in the well of his heart to anyone who is willing to listen. Please come to this event, because restoration begins with you.”

Amanda Christine Stanaway
Director, producer of “Bridge to Transformation Concert Series

“Andre’s presence is at the very heart of our worship experience.  It is essential that Andre remain in his own community in Harlem, a community that sustains and supports him as he inspires it.  His upcoming concert will be a true presentation of the quintessential Andre Solomon-Glover.  It goes beyond the heart and soul of the man.”

The Rev. Dr. Robert Brashear,
West-Park Presbyterian Church, Pastor

Please consider helping Andre to stay in his home by attending his concert at West-Park on June 19th. If you would like to help Andre but cannot attend the concert, please consider making a donation through ChipIn here.

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